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Beyond the Valley of The Dolls is the ultimite cult film about a rock group who leave their home bound for L.A. where they meet a selection of society`s freakier specimens,from Ashley StIves,porn star who seduces the band`s manager Harris, to Z-man Barzell an influential Hollywood type with an ego the size of his mansion who helps the rock group, under his name of the Carrie Nations rise to fame.This rise is peppered with sex, drugs and rock and roll, an inheritance and a lot of parties!
Of course it can`t last and everything reaches a climax and comes crashing down at Z-man`s last and most memorable party where he indulges in a little role-play with his guests with himself as the fabulous and all powerful Superwoman.Losing track of reality, all sanity is lost when Z-man goes on a wild killing spree.Considering the brutal murders, the film ends on a surprisingly optimistic note and a sweet little tune which clashes interestingly with the Carrie Nations`songs we hear throughout the film which are rock and roll at its best!

And now for the facts: the film was written by Roger Ebert and Russ Meyer( of "Faster Pussycat, kill kill" fame) and also directed by him.Made in 1970 it has influenced many other films for instance the "Rocky Horror Picture Show".Reviewers have called it the "first exploitation horror camp musical".It brought forth a new breakthrough in cult film.

Cool Quotes From The Movie

"I was so anxious to get to bed I stepped on her face"
"You`re a groovy boy.I`d like to strap you on some time"
"When I`m with you pussycat,who needs grass"

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